Somethingsabout us


We are 2 young and passionate IT entusiasts, in love with Italy’s historical heritage, and in particular with the roman ruins that enrich the Italian landscape.

But we are also sometimes unsatisfied by the experience of visiting these wonderful places:

long queues to rent an audio guide, the high rental cost, 8 euros for a single audio guide is a lot, especially for families that need to rent more than one,
but most of all, having to leave personal ID cards as a guarantee when you rent an audio guide, is unacceptable, especially for a tourist coming from abroad.

This is why we decided to create DiscoverPompeii: we want everybody to be able to discover Pompeii in freedom and in an affordable way.


You might wonder if…

#1 Is it there a version for IOS?

Not yet, but we are working on it. Subscribe to our newsletter, we’ll let you know as soon as it’s out.

#2 Can you add/fix/improve this feature?

We LOVE you hear back from you, we are always working to improve DiscoverPompeii, so if you have a suggestion or a constructive criticism please do let us know!

#3 Will you add my language?

Adding a new language to the app is a lot of work, but we plan to add French and German soon, but do let us know which one you want us to include next!